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Market Update: E-commerce in the Time of Coronavirus

The world is now in Month #2 of COVID-19, which just last week the World Health Organization declared to be a full-scale pandemic. Both public and private sectors have sprung into action (albeit at varying speeds) to combat the crisis, and news stories day and night are talking about citizen quarantines, as well as the halting of business and nonessential services in various countries, states, and municipalities. The global supply chain is already experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime disruption – one estimate even says 75% of companies are affected – not to mention the ripple effects that will be felt in the coming months and years. Here's a quick update on some of the most popular e-commerce channels:
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How to Reduce Inventory Shrinkage

Avoiding inventory shrinkage is key for a successful warehousing fulfillment operation. Inventory shrinkage is when a retailer has fewer items in stock than in the inventory list either due to a clerical error or due to goods being damaged, lost, or stolen between the point of manufacture (or purchase from a supplier) and the point of sale.
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How the "Scan to Shipping" tool helped us reduce shrinkage

For those in the warehouse industry, from warehouse workers to warehouse managers, we all know mistakes will happen. What separates good businesses from great businesses is how they go about minimizing errors in the workplace.  
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What Is Drop Shipping? And What You Need To Know

    Whether you are an experienced e-commerce entrepreneur or a newcomer to the business, the term “drop ship” might come across often. Recent data indicate that the shopping trend of consumers show a stark rise in online sales as opposed to purchasing from a brick and mortar store. Therefore, with Amazon and other competitors vying for dominance in the industry, the ability to conduct an online retail store with precision shipping, organized inventory and excellent customer service becomes crucial for business survival. In order to maximize your chances of success, understanding how drop shipping works and applying it to your own business can make the true difference in profits.  
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What is 3rd Party Logistics and how will it benefit me?

  If you’re in any kind of business that involves distribution, then you have most likely heard of 3rd party logistics fulfillment or 3PL. And, while you may have heard of it, you’re probably still wondering, “What is 3PL and how can it help my business?” Simply put, third-party logistics fulfillment is when a business outsources the storage and shipment of products for orders they cannot process themselves.
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Improving Warehousing Fulfillment Operations

  There is bevy of information out there, found in industry magazines and blog posts alike, on how to optimize your warehouse for the best overall performance and success. However one such article, Angela Stringfellow's blog, "How to Improve Warehouse Operations: 51 Tips and Best Practices" stands out as expert advice that is worth the read. These practices, which are followed by the leading industry experts, help businesses think critically about their daily operations and how to improve and avoid oversight. While these tips are all important and should be reviewed by anyone looking to improve warehouse performance, here are few that I see as a must.
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Common Acronyms and Terms of the Logistics and E-Commerce World

  Online retail is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. At the end of 2018, Forrester, a leader in research and analytics firm stated that B2B (Business to Business) e-commerce market reached $1.134 trillion, far above the expected $954 billion it forecast at the end of 2017. The growth in this industry is still expected to rise with Forrester believing that this will climb even higher, about 17% by 2023. Knowing this information and where it is trending means you need to understand the lingo that goes along with e-commerce and logistics if you plan on entering this field. Acronyms are used commonly in the e-commerce and warehousing fields. In this blog post we will highlight some of the more important acronyms and their meanings.
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Cycle Counting in a Warehouse Setting

Inventory accuracy is crucial in manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing fulfillment. Inaccurate inventory can lead to lost money, time, and embarrassing situations like overselling a product.  As a business in one of these professions, it's easy to see why maintaining accurate inventory counts is key. 
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How to handle STRESS at work: 5 Simple Methods to Manage Work Pain

    You've probably already seen the safety training episode from The Office, in which Michael Scott (the manager of a mid-sized paper company known as Dunder Mifflin), holds a branch meeting to discuss the safety protocols in the warehouse and office. Soon after, chaos ensues as Michael develops a risky plot to convince the warehouse workers that office workers face as much risk in their work place as their counterparts.  The stark reality is that every job from warehousing fulfillment to Wall St. faces unique challenges, but the most common problem that all workers face is dealing with stress and pain at the workplace. Here are five simple methods to help you manage chronic work pain and assist with mitigating work stress.  
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Maximize Productivity

Productivity in the workplace is a challenge that everyone who participates in the workforce tackles. No matter how successful your company may be, there will be pockets of time where it’s difficult to maintain the highest standard of production. For both the employer and employees, it is vital to utilize different methods that are effective in time management in order to enhance and maximize productivity of the workplace.
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